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Lease Purchase

To give students the fairest opportunity to try out piano lessons they need a quality piano that plays well, sounds good, and can be placed honorably in the home. Usually, the piano cheap from the neighbor that "just needs a little tuning" will not do the job. Sometimes parents don't want to spend $3,000 up front to give their student the best chance for success.

We give you this alternative. Roby's Lease-Purchase Plan lets you lease a piano for $56.75/month for one year, plus tuning and delivery. At the end of one year, you can apply monthly lease, delivery, and the first tuning payments toward the purchase of the piano. At that time you can pay for it cash, or finance it with us. (The purchase price at the end of the one-year will be slightly higher than the same piano sold now and paid for, either cash or financed.)

Our Lease-Purchase Plan applies to console and studio-console new SAMICK pianos, either from stock or custom ordered for you.