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Tuning & Repair

Thomas A. Roby, RPT is the tuner here. Since there is more work than time, we refer a lot of tunings and service work to local technicians who are also members of The Piano Technicians Guild. Please call us. Then, knowing your needs, we can either place you in our schedule, or refer you to a PTG technician who will be happy to serve you.

The Guild has two classes of membership, Associates and Registered Piano Technicians (RPT). RPTs have passed stringent standardized examinations in repair and regulation skills, as well as tuning skills. Associates are frequently working technicians who have not yet taken the examinations to become an RPT. All Guild members pledge to adhere to the PTG code of ethics.

Roby's Piano Shop does the tunings and service on pianos we sell for several years until they are settled in. Then we usually turn them over to a trusted local technician, as noted above. Roby's also does piano restoration work for customers. This can be private reconditioning and regulating projects, or large projects requiring extensive rebuilding and refinishing. We sub-contract things like new soundboards to known competent specialists, usually also members of PTG. Contact us to discuss your project.