New Pianos

New Pianos

Roby's is a small shop with low overhead, so we always discount deeply from manufacturer's suggested retail. Our pianos sell at one very low margin, always "on sale". We have NO gimmicks like repossessed pianos, bank reduction sales, 3-day only events, or savings up to 80% (I mean, really!). Just quality SAMICK pianos, well prepared for you, at prices way below retail.

Roby's has sold SAMICK pianos since 1985. Then the domestic builders were in crisis and we decided to go foreign and stay viable. Our shopping yielded SAMICK as the best source at affordable prices. We have not been disappointed. They have since grown to be one of the largest builders of acoustic pianos in the world.

New pianos include matching benches. All are shop tuned and regulated, delivered, (free within a 1 hour radius of our shop) and include a free home tuning within 6 months. We usually need a helper unloading.

We usually sell within our normal service area so we can personally do the service for the first several years. All new pianos, even SAMICK pianos, take several years to settle down to 20 tons of stringing pressure and adjust to our seasonal humidity variations. Our normal service area is west to Saranac Lake, NY, south to Keesville, NY, or Charlotte, VT, east to Morrisville, Stowe, and Montgomery, VT, and north to the Canadian border.

Pianos We Can Get


Grand. 6'1", ebony high polish


Grand. 5'7", ebony high polish.


Grand. 5'3", ebony high-polish.


Grand. 4'11.5", ebony high polish.


Kohler & Campbell by Samick. Professional upright. 52", ebony high polish.


Professional upright. 48", ebony satin.


Institutional upright. 46.5", brown oak satin.


Institutional upright. 46.5", brown oak satin.


American Decorator, 46.5", cherry satin, round tapered & fluted legs.


Studio Console, 45", cherry satin. Rated "Best Bargain" in vertical pianos by CONSEUR, the international group based in Belgium.


Studio Console, 45", walnut satin or ebony satin.


American Decorator Console, 44", cherry satin.


Kohler & Campbell Traditional Console, 44", cherry satin. (built by Samick)